This adventure is based around a book I bought (picture below) It will be a diary containing secrets to the universe. This will be a fairly short campaign. Maybe 6-10 sessions depending on their length. Each session will be spent gaining an artifact to do with: fire, water, air, mineral, animal and vegetable.
This is Kantulax, a large island off the coast of Eronara. It is home to many people who are ruled over not by a leader, but by five gods. Each represented by a colour as the humanoid lifeforms on the island cannot comprehend them. They alternate between ruling periods, the average person should not expect to see more than 3 rules before their death.


I created Tholg, the half orc criminal who has more secrets than you may expect…


Tashken is a elven official who hates crime, untidiness, peasants, having fun and Tholg.

Session 1

Session one opening box text done! It is going to be a large encounter in the city with lots of fights and possibilities for roleplaying characters. It is when Tashken is searching for the party.

The Universe Diary

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